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When the consumer will be billed

We bill consumers on a monthly basis unless otherwise agreed, for water, sewerage, and other charges as contained in the first schedule of Kenya Gazette Supplement Legal Notice no. 157 ĎThe Meru Water and Sewerage Services Regulations

Issue of bills

We will issue a bill to -

  • The phone number the consumer provided ;
  • The email the consumer provided.

Consumers can also enquire their bills through an sms.This can be done by following the procedure given under bill inquiry below.

Faulty Meter

If it is suspected that a meter on any property is functioning inaccurately, MEWASS may compute the quantity of water supplied to the property during a specific period:

  • By having regard to the quantity of water delivered to the property in any previous or subsequent period or periods.
  • By having regard to the quantity of water delivered to any similar property during the period concerned.
  • In any other way that is prescribed
Customerís responsibility

Where a meter is not readily accessible we may ask you to make it reasonably accessible for reading and maintenance.

Readings by the customer

If MEWASS is unable to gain access to read the meter on a customerís property, the customer may be asked to read it and advise MEWASS. If the customer fails to provide a reading, MEWASS may estimate the amount of water used. The estimation will be calculated on the customerís water usage history at the property. Where your meter is not readily accessible we may ask you to make it accessible. However, we may still need to have access to the meter from time to time.


MEWASS Water Consumers can check their Sewer and Water bills through sending a SMS. The proceedure is as follows:.

Create a message with the word


then leave a space,

type your

'account number'

and send this message to:



Water consumers can pay their Water bills through M-Pesa by following the instructions below; Go to M-PESA menu, Select Pay Bill from the M-Pesa menu, Enter MEWASS business number 918350, Enter your MEWASS account number only e.g. '123456', Enter your M-Pesa PIN, Confirm that all details are correct, You will receive a confirmation message of the transaction via SMS from M-Pesa.


Water consumers can also make cheque and cash payments at any Equity Bank or their Agents. Equitel money can also be used.

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Pay your MEWASS water bill via M-Pesa paybill no. 918350

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