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Sewage collection and treatment is vital for the protection of public health and the environment. If you are connected to our sewerage system, we will supply you with sewerage services and take all reasonable care in operating our sewerage system to avoid blockages, spills and odors.

  • Within one hour of being notified, attend any site of a burst or leak which might cause substantial or moderate damage to your property, your neighbors' properties or the environment;
  • clear a sewer blockage in our sewer, which is affecting your ability to use the service, within four hours;
  • contain a sewer spill on your property within twelve hours

The sewerage system covers only 0.8 square kilometer in the Central Business District and serves CBD, Hospital and Prison area.

The size of sewer pipeline range from 50mm to 450mm in diameter. Sewerage effluent is treated at Gakoromone treatment works by one oxidation pond and three maturation ponds. After treatment it is percorated into the ground in a soak-away area planted with eucalyptus trees.

The system is not only overloaded but only serves a small area of the town. It therefore requires urgent expansion. It is manned by seven staff members.

Screen & partial flume at Sewerage Treatment works

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